Ville Multipolaire

Through sustainable strategies, the Multipolar City aims to become a model of design that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable; promoting the concept of the best place to work and live. This mixed and interconnected city enhances the close relationship between each actor. With its unique mobility strategy and its green traffic systems, Multipolar City proposes a friendly and environmentally sound place to work and live, ready to answer to the new ambitions of the bio industry.

With 900 ha of urban areas combined with 900 ha of open spaces; parks and wild green areas, the New Osong Bio City is poised to become one of the greenest and most attractive place for bio-industry development in Asia. Its strategic central location with national rail links to most major cities and easy access to South Korea International Airport, paves the way for the city to become the future “Mecca” of the bio-industry: a real international business hub for all Asian bio industries. To reach such a level, the project for the new master plan of Osong Bio Valley must aim for the highest possible standards in terms of sustainable urbanism, as well as integrating all social, economic and natural aspects to make it the “place to be” for the bio-industry. Developing high performance infrastructure networks, cohesive neighbourhoods and creating sophisticated working areas in an ecologically sound environment are the goals of this ambitious urban project. Composed by a diversity of clusters and large open green spaces, the Multipolar City is to become the ambassador for the development of bio-technology worldwide.